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Our History
In 1996, a battle over the future of affirmative action was raging at UC Berkeley. Youth and student organizers across the state were coming to consciousness and joining the movement to defend equal access to education. Young women and young people of color were the frontline fighters of this struggle for justice, but they lacked the support and training they needed to confidently develop as strong leaders. SOUL was born out of that struggle, designed to serve as a program that would train young women and young people of color to build and lead the social justice movement.

SOUL started as a summer training program inspired by the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee’s Freedom Summer. Since that first summer, SOUL has blossomed from a student-based summer program into a year-round community-based organizing and training center for young people. We now run a wide variety of organizing skills trainings, political education programs and technical assistance projects to meet the many needs of the social justice movement in the Bay Area and around the country.